Hello everyone,

We are pleased to annoucne that this year we are introducing a Forum system for our Science Olympiad teams! This will serve as a place to centralize information, pictures, and references, similar to a database system. The forum can be accessed by clicking "Forum" on our website: The forum also has event-specific sub-topics which are restricted to members and coaches of that event.

We strongly suggest that all students register for the forum, and actively participate and post in it. When you register, please style your username like this: “FirstnameLastInitial” (without quotes). For example, someone named John Doe should have a username of JohnD. More information about registering is in the attached tutorial.

We have created an easy-to-follow tutorial for the forum, which is attached to this post and is also available on our website. This tutorial covers the basics of registering, navigating, and posting. More advanced features that are not described in the tutorial are also present on the forum.

Thank you,

The tutorial is accessible here: